YouTube is a great way to make money. The number of YouTube users worldwide is now in the millions. YouTube was launched on the Internet in 2004 as an online video platform with millions of viewers today. It is a platform where different you tubers upload their videos in which videos are uploaded in different ways and made on different things. YouTube is the second largest viewing platform in the world, with a significant income for YouTube viewers. By the way, every country has a different YouTube policy. To put it simply, YouTube pays different money in each country. This money is paid for a thousand views. YouTube pays you to make videos on YouTube in different categories. YouTube also changes its police every year due to which there is no set amount for a thousand views. In some countries, YouTube pays more than two dollars for a thousand views, while in some countries, a thousand views for YouTube does not pay even a dollar. It is also worth noting that YouTube not only pays its YouTube users to watch it, but also pays for the advertisements that are viewed and the duration of the advertisements that appear on your video. Different types of advertisements run on different categories of video and different types of advertisements are valued differently

Money on YouTube in Pakistan

If you want to make money on youtube in Pakistan then first you have to use a good category. Then you absolutely have to upload videos of this category. For example, as the trend of mobile opening is going on nowadays, various electronic products are opened on YouTube and YouTube gives instructions to the viewers about them, due to which their income increases significantly. You can upload videos on YouTube as well as on health and YouTube provides good money on health.

You can also give instructions on finance and business on your YouTube channel. Today, every young person is worried about call finance, so he resorted to YouTube to solve his problem, where he gets all kinds of finance discussions.

In addition to this, V-logging is also becoming very common nowadays. People create their own channels for entertainment and use different V-logs on it. They also make a lot of money on YouTube.

In addition, some YouTubers open their own cooking channel and make money by sharing different cooking recipes with others.

If we talk about money for 1000 views in Pakistan, then most of the money is provided for health. YouTube pays about  1.5 per thousand views for making health videos in Pakistan. It can be between one and two dollars. Also, if your video contains ads for various medicines and people click on those ads, YouTube will pay you even more. In other words, it is final that you are not paid the same amount for any thousand views in Pakistan. Even if the viewers of your YouTube channel are from Europe or any part of the United States, YouTube will still pay you more for your videos. If different companies place ads on your video, your money will be increased and decreased according to the number of ads.

To get paid on YouTube, you need to create a PayPal account. This account will be registered by you YouTube.