Canada is one of the most important countries in the world with a very good economy and a great human standard of living. Canada is a very large country in terms of area, but in terms of population, there are very few people living there. Canada is six to eight times larger than Pakistan and ten times smaller than Pakistan. That’s why Canada issues student visas and work visas every year. Canada has a lot of uninhabited territory and it is covered by forests. The Canadian government wants the area to be settled as soon as possible, so it issues its visas all over the world. Many people from all over the world settle in Canada, especially the Sikh community in Canada. There are some of the best universities in Canada that provide the best knowledge and issue thousands of visas for themselves every year. Every year thousands of students go to Canada to study and not only study there but also do their own small business which will help them to cover their own expenses.

Many children from Canada also go to Canada for education every year. After the coronavirus, because each country had its own policy restrictions, there are now some difficulties for visas that apply to Canada as well.

Many students from Pakistan want to go to Canada to study this year as well. For the convenience of these children, we are going to give all the information about the University of Canada in this article. This article will tell you which universities are working best and which of these courses you will get, what their fees are and will also give you more information about visas.

Prohibition from Corona

It is true that every country has imposed some restrictions on coronavirus, but after the arrival of the coronavirus, the person who has been vaccinated will be able to enter Canada. After completing the Corona Vaccine Complete Course, each student will be eligible to apply for a visa in Canada.

Education and Work in Canada

Yes, in Canada you can easily work as well as study. There are various universities in Canada that you can find their address on the Internet and you can find out about them by those who have a degree of six months to a year or more.

In Canada, after learning, the government usually gives you four to six hours of work per day. A student can easily find a suitable job for himself and is able to pay university fees and even pay for his accommodation and food.

  • To send an application, you must first obtain an NOC letter from the university, which will guarantee you. Along with this you have to send your medical certificate, character clearance letter which has been cleared by your city police station.
  • Along with this you have to follow some more conditions in the form which include some photos, your father’s ID card ID, your ID and passport etc.
  • There are many travel agents in Pakistan who will let you get your visa issued there in your own way.