The history of Britain is very old. Britain is also called the Mother of Democracy. When it comes to democracy, this is where the quality of education improves. By the way, if we go back in the history of Britain, then Muslims were at the forefront in the field of education. Students from the West studied at Muslim educational institutions and returned to promote education in their home country.

Along with their country, when the United Kingdom began its empire, the education sector there began to develop significantly. That is why the best universities in the world today are in the UK. Every year thousands of young people from all over the world go to the UK to study. Hundreds of students from Pakistan also go to the UK every year to study. The UK has changed its policy in 2021 compared to previous years. This change has been blocked by the corona virus. Now it may be difficult to get to the UK for a few crores.

There are many students who go to the UK with the thought and intention of pursuing a career in education. Many student believers also work in this regard. There are many who work there with education and earn a lot of money. They are able to bear their own expenses. At the same time, they submit their documents to the British government. After a few years, they get PR there.

This is how Pakistani students can go to UK. What is their procedure? We are going to give you complete information.

University of the United Kingdom

There are many universities in the UK. Pakistani students at a university in the UK cannot afford the rising cost of living and the rising dollar. That is why we are going to tell you the names of these affordable universities where any Pakistani student can get his / her education by paying an annual fee of  8,000 to  12,000 Dollar.

  • Staffordshire University
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • University of Bolton
  • Coventry University
  • York St John University

Work in England

The students who own full-time degree level courses holding a special student visa,  England allowed to work in England easily. But the government of England allows only 20 hours per week work during University term time.

Jobs for student in England

There are many jobs for foreign students in England. In which server or bartender, animal care taker or house caretaker, office job, tutor and childminder. There are many students who reselling old books seeing England streets.

Today, almost every other student goes to the UK thinking that they will get a seat there. But this is not easy to do today. In the last several decades, students from other countries used to go there and get married. In this way, they would apply for their own PR(PR stands for permanent ) and get a PR. But the UK has made the law very strict. To get PR you have to work there for many years and prove yourself a good citizen.