Germany is a very powerful country in Europe. In Europe, Germany and France are both emerging powers. Their economic situation and their companies have a good reputation around the world. The history of Germany is also very old. In it, a man named Hitler also opened his eyes and tried to make Germany a superpower. Even today, people from all over the world come to Germany, both right and wrong, and start working there. Many people also go into hiding illegally and work there secretly.

In Germany you are offered many opportunities to work and study. By the way, you can get citizenship in Germany, but for that you have to stay in Germany for a long time and meet their criteria. Germany is also very good in terms of education. Its educational institutions provide good education. Many students from Pakistan have also gone to Germany and continue to go every year. In the year 2021, there are many students who want to go to an institute in Germany for higher education from Pakistan. The coronavirus has caused a stir in the world, which is why Germany has closed its visas. But now, after the corona vaccine, Germany has reinstated its visas and is allowing students to come to Germany for education.

Entry and education in Germany

  • You can get a German visa by visiting any travel agent and you will get a student visa especially easily. It is a bit difficult to get a business class visa in such countries but it is not very difficult to get a student visa.
  • To get a student visa, you first need to submit some documents from your current institute. Those documents prove that you have been a good student who wants to continue your education.
  • You will also need to show your bank statement, which will allow the German government to estimate that you will be able to cover your expenses.
  • When it comes to education, there are many educational institutions where you can take courses of your choice.
  • You will be able to come to German institutions and get degrees in science, mathematics, medicine, law.

Principles and Accommodation in German Education

  • The bottom line is that if you want to study in Germany or any other European country, the first thing that comes to your mind is how you can get PR there.
  • Remember that Germany’s rules are also somewhat strict. You can’t easily get PR here
  • How many years a student has to study in Germany to get PR is determined by the duration of his course.
  • Then if you also learn their mother tongue German there, it becomes easier to find PR there.

Work in Germany

  • Universities in Germany, like in other countries, allow students to work long hours. Germany allows you to work about 22 to 24 hours a week.
  • In Germany you are paid five to seven dollars an hour if you work legally
  • Students can earn money by working secretly for many morehours.