Student, if you talk about educational institutions in Sri Lanka, it is nothing special. Sri Lanka is similar to some developing countries in Asia, where educational institutions do not do much work. It is a cheap country where students can easily go and complete their degree at low cost. There are many educational institutions in Sri Lanka but the universities in Colombo are the most capable. There are many children coming and going from Pakistan. A Sri Lankan visa is also nothing special. It will be available at the highest prices, the details of which we will pass on to you. In this article we are going to tell you how the students who want to go to Sri Lanka and get their education from them will be able to get admission in the university there. We will also tell you how to study there, which visa you will be given for how long and which courses you will be able to take there.

Student visa from Pakistan to Sri Lanka

Getting Sri Lanka Visa on Pakistani passport is very easy to achieve the process is done online and the ETA visa is issued. This processed completed online if you want. The visa fees is very cheap adult is a $20 only and children under 20 years old get free visa for Sri Lanka۔

Living Space

Sri Lanka is a very cheap country where you don’t have to spend much for housing. Universities in Sri Lanka also have their own accommodation, if you do not want to take, you will also find affordable and easy accommodation. A one-month stay in Sri Lanka costs from  50$to $80. The Sri Lankan government gives a good position to Pakistani students and they are well looked after.

University of Sri Lanka

  • University of Colombo
  • University of peradeniya
  • University srijayewar

Process to Admission

As with all other universities, to enter a Sri Lankan university, you must first obtain a character certificate from your current university. Along with this you will have to pay the visa and university fees that she will choose for your course. In Sri Lanka, it usually costs between  3,000$and 5,000$a year for education. Sri Lanka is not far from Pakistan so it does not cost much to come and go.

You can fill out the university application form online and you have to contact a travel agent for the pending visa and its verification.

Work in Sri Lanka

As mentioned earlier, Sri Lanka is a poor country where it is not easy to find employment. But even then, if you work there, you are paid very little. That doesn’t cover your expenses and you have to ask your family for money which is a bad thing. That is why students are asked to refrain from studying in a country like Sri Lanka.