Turkey is a very popular and famous country. Turkey is the first country in Europe to come by goods. The people of Turkey are also very happy and happy. By the way, Turkey is called the poorest country in Europe, but despite this, Turkey is a much richer country than Asia. Turkey has recently increased its exports. Due to which its GDP has increased. At the same time, people’s incomes have increased. Tourism is very common in Turkey. There are places in Turkey that have been their glory for centuries.

Many people come to Turkey only to see the ancient buildings and forts, which are associated with ancient times. In addition to traveling, many people come to Turkey to work and study. Today’s Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, has an amazing history in the world. Istanbul is sometimes conquered by Muslims and sometimes by Christians. In addition, there are many places in Turkey where ancient wars were fought and that is why many people come to see these places of war.

The quality of education in Turkey

Yes, the quality of education in Turkey is very good. Because Turkey, like other European countries, has an educated class. The more educated people are in a country, the better the quality of education will be. The quality of education in Turkey is very good. That is why people from different parts of the world come and go to study in Turkey.

Pakistani student in Turkey

Pakistan and Turkey are like brothers. There is a lot of love between Turkey and Pakistan. Pakistanis are highly respected in Turkey because of their military and social bonds. Pakistanis also visit Turkey every year for tourism. They also visit Turkey every year in the field of education. Turkey has also opened its education visas in 2021 and Pakistanis can apply there.

How can a Pakistani apply for Turkey?

It is not difficult for a Pakistani student to get a character certificate from his current institute. Get him signed up and send him to this institute if he wants to get his course road alley. A passport that requires at least six months of assistance is required. Contact a good travel agent to get a Turkish visa.

Turkey issues at least a 90-day visa. The student can apply for a visa according to his / her course and also get his / her visa extended there.

Keep in mind that Turkey will only issue its visas to students who have been vaccinated against coronavirus.Work in Turkey

In Turkey, a student can work easily. It is easy to find employment in Turkey, where many students from Pakistan go to study and earn money together.

The cost of education in Turkey

There are different universities in Turkey with different fees. Your fees can also be estimated on your course. The better the course and the better the university, the higher the fees.

Residence in Turkey

It is not difficult to find a resident in Turkey. Accommodation in Turkey is very expensive, so the students rent a room together. Living together and eating together reduces their expenses.