Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is not as powerful and more developed as other countries. The population in this country is not special. Like other countries, this country also keeps opening visas for itself. There are many universities in Uzbekistan that are also open to foreign students, and students go there every year to study with a visa. By the way, the history of Uzbekistan is very old. It is said that the people here are a little angry, but this is not true. They cooperate well with others and have a unique culture. Pakistan is not far from Uzbekistan. Many students in Pakistan want to study in Uzbekistan but they are not familiar with the whole procedure. Now all this information will be given in this article. It will tell about the universities and educational institutions of Pakistan. They will also tell you about the courses available and the fees for these courses and how you can buy a Pakistani visa. Also, how much time do you have to work in UzbekistanŰ”

Educational institutions:

At the moment, educational institutions in Uzbekistan are nothing special, but still the quality of education there is much better. Uzbekistan was once part of Russia, which has been independent for decades. It now has its own government and has developed its own curriculum. There are several universities in Uzbekistan where you can pursue degrees in medical science, law and engineering.

National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent University of information science, Turin polytechnic University of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Visa And Its Fees

Uzbekistan is not a very expensive country, there is a visa fee of one hundred and sixty dollars which gives you 30 days validity. This is for single entry followed by multiple entry which is for 30 days and the fee is 160 160.

Work in Uzbekistan

  • Uzbekistan allows you to work 22 hours a week. It is the policy of almost every university to allow 22 hours a week, but no more.
  • As mentioned earlier, this country is also one of the developing countries, so there are no employment opportunities here. Even if you work in a small shop, you will not get very good compensation.
  • Uzbekistan is many times more expensive than Pakistan and India.

Student visa

First of all, you have to write a letter from the registered university from which you have studied in Pakistan and send it to the educational institution in which you want to do a course for yourself. Along with this, open the website of an educational institution in Uzbekistan and then follow the instructions for your course, which will usually include your passport, some photos, legal documents, etc.

According to a special report, Uzbekistan is a very expensive country like Pakistan and India and the cost of a suitable course there ranges from $6,000 to$8,000 per year.