Steps for paying token of any car and rate list of vehicle are available in this page. If any person who want to pay token but they do not how many steps they do and they also do not know how they amount for tax. Government of Pakistan announced that persons who are owner of cars and heavy transport and they do not pay token tax of their car that kind of person are not eligible for transfer their care to other person.

In past mostly people visit excise office and they pay token tax for their car but in this session, government of Pakistan and excise office announced that people stay on their home and they pay their token tax on their home without any extra charges. Best and important thing is that people who do not know how they pay token tax and they are new on online system that kind of people can get 6 percent discount on their actual amount. This is for e very people and now do not waste time and they open site and they pay token tax with the help of online portal.

One big announcement is that people must have android device and they must have bank for transfer amount for tax. Mostly people who do not have bank account but they have an account on JAZZCASH or EASY PAISA that kind of people can pay amount from this online account.

How Person Can Pay Token Tax

First of all people must have internet connection and they must have registration paper of their car. If they do not have any vehicle then they must know about registration number of their car.

After that people click link and they can get application that is only token and tax information.

Then they just open application and then they enter registration number with alphabetic and numbers.

If any person does not get data of their vehicle and they want to pay tax that kind of person refresh site and then they enter registration number with proper format.