Mobile phone users often face two problems, one is when they are using an Android phone and they need to use an Apple application and the other is when they use an Apple phone. They need to use the Android application. Apple is very strict about its security and that is why the world’s most famous people like to use Apple’s mobile phones and other such things. Because it protects their data and does not share any of their personal documents with anyone. Apple’s biggest feature is that it has a set of registered applications that you either have to purchase or use a trail version of. Apple phones are so expensive that not everyone else can use them.

Sometimes it happens that a person takes an Apple phone and creates his ID on it and uploads his various data in it. Whenever his Apple phone is stolen, he can retrieve his data through any Apple iCloud account. Sometimes he uses Android mobile and using Android mobile he needs to get back Apple’s data for which it is necessary to open it in his Apple ID. Mobile phone users often face these problems. Today we will tell you the complete method to solve this problem, how you will not be able to get your Apple ID using Android phone or Then they will be able to use their Apple ID on their Android phone. So without wasting time, let’s move on to creating Apple ID in Android phones.

Why Apple Id:

Apple ID is just like any Google ID where you first create your account and then open it. You can use also iTune app store and other services if you have only and Apple ID. Sometimes people think that we can create our Apple ID only on Apple’s mobile, but this is not true. Apple allows you to create your ID from any other platform from which you can easily credit it. But for that you need to have an Apple ID. People use Apple ID for various tasks in which they can download various caches in the App Store and use them. They can read Apple’s books appleNews, Apple TV,ICloud,iMessageetc can use everything.

How To Create Apple ID On Android

So let’s start people can create Apple ID without any iPhone in only two different ways. There are two methods are now available to create Apple ID through Android smartphone devices.

  • Using Android using browser; first open browser in your smartphone, next go to appleid.applecom and click on it.
  • Next enter the required detail such as your first name your last name your country name and your email ID.
  • After it type captcha button and click to continue
  • Now enter the one time password, the password you received on your email and click next
  • Enter OTP that you receive your phone number and click next
  • You have successfully created a new Apple ID with your Android smartphone easily
  • Use it and enjoy it.