Electricity is very important for human beings. Today, about a percent of human work is being done by electricity. If today’s man looks at his condition, it is related to electrical products from morning till night. If clothes need to be press, they are also ironed due to electricity. Similarly, if he needs to entertain himself, he also uses things that run on electricity. That time human used to make various attempts for light in which sometimes he would light a fire, sometimes a lantern and sometimes a lamp. But even today, all this has become easier with electricity. Today, you can light your whole house at the push of a button. In those days, if were to write to a person, he would have no choice but to give his clothes as much as possible. But today man has progressed due to electricity and made fans, air conditioners, air conditioners and so on.

But we can say that today’s man is incomplete without electricity. Today, if someone builds a house, the first thing to do after building that house is to install an electricity meterŪ” But the method of installing electric collars is different in the country and in every state. Today we are going to tell you how to install electricity meter in Pakistan. There are many people who live in another country and when they come to Pakistan and build their house, they do not know how to apply for electricity meter. Today we are going to tell you the solution to your problem in this article. We will tell you how electricity is actually how you can install your new meter and whether you can install the meter online. We will also tell you how many types of meters there are and what their price is. So if you want to go through the whole process of installing your meter, read our article in full.

How can I get electricity new connection:

If you want to install a new meter, you must first see what the electricity house working in an area like yours. Then you need a copy of your home registry, a photocopy of the identity card of the person in whose name the meter is to be affixed, and a paid bill slip of the neighbors. You have to go to the office with all this. Today, the process of installing meters online has also started. Now all these documents should be sent to a computer shop which has internet connection and printer facility. He will bring the documents from you. He will write your complete information on this form and then print it. Then attach a photocopy of your ID card and the paid bill. Then you go to a bank and pay the price of the meter request, attach a photocopy of it and give this file to the power plant. Your meter will be installed within 3 months. If your meter does not work within 3 months, you can go to the power plant and make your demand.