Building a house is a dream of a person which he spends his whole life to fulfill. In this world, whenever a person is younger than a person, the first thing that comes to his mind is to make his home, for which he runs and works hard day and night. There are many countries where the government is very rich and it helps its people to fall. In a backward country like Pakistan where poverty is very high and no one can build a house easily due to high prices, the Government of Pakistan has introduced a loan scheme for all of them. There are many poor people in Pakistan who have been earning all their lives but most of their earnings are spent on basic necessities like food, electricity and rent.

They lose, they die. But now the government of Pakistan has planned to give loans to all the poor people, including the poor peasant working class and other employees who are not old enough to build new houses for themselves. In a country like Pakistan, there is a famous saying that if you buy a place to build a house, you will understand that half of your house has been built. Property is very expensive in Pakistan. A person needs at least lakhs to build a small house and that type of laborer cannot earn all his life and thus he cannot build his own house and as a result he and Her children also live a life of rent and humiliation.

Need of Home Loan

In poor countries like Pakistan, almost 70% of the population lives below the poverty line and some of them do not have their own homes. When they move from the village to the cities and start their own business, they do not have enough money to build their own home for their children. If they rent a house, they face difficulties. The landlord can evict them whenever they want and thus they always face humiliation in such a house. It is not uncommon for a tenant to take to the streets with his young daughters.

Procedure Of Home Loan

First download nadra Pakistan houses cream application form from

  • Fill all the required detail on your form
  • You have to pay 250 rupees on nadra office
  • People can also register through online system as well. Visit
  • all the information and pay the fee via debit card or credit card

It was started by Prime Minister Imran Khan on October 10, 2018. Only those who are unable to build their own home will be eligible to purchase Easy Installment forms on. The peasantry and the working class are very happy with this work. Now there are many workers in Pakistan who do not have their own house, they will be able to buy their own house and live a comfortable life.