In Pakistan, the government has set up every institution that is doing different things. One of these institutions was not set up for wedding ceremonies. Thousands of marriages take place in Pakistan every year. These marriages are mostly arranged while some marriages are performed in court. If the marriage has taken place in any way, it has to be registered in Pakistan and other countries and then a certificate has to be obtained. Pakistan is an Islamic country and is inhabited by Muslims and Muslims still sign their papers at the time of marriage along with the testimony of their lawyer. After which a small procedure is performed and after this procedure a marriage certificate is made which is owned by the bride and groom.

This article will explain the simple procedure of how to make a marriage certificate. People often face difficulties in getting a marriage certificate. Sometimes it happens that after creating the certificate they want to remove the duplicate circuit or the certificate needs to be re-created after it is lost but they do not know how to do it.

What if someone lose their marriage certificate

Marriage certificate is also prepared from NADRA office like other personal documents. If you have to create and register a marriage certificate for the first time, it will also be done through Nadira. And if you ever lose your certificate, after a small process, the certificate will be re-issued from the NADRA office. All you have to do is look at the old documents that contain your lawyer’s testimonials and marriage certificate and the certificate will be re-created. Like other paperwork, the certificate has a fee that you pay to get it registered.

Fees of marriage certificate Nadra

  • Within 60 days rupees 50 and copy fee is 150
  • 2 month up to 6 months she is a 50 rupees and copy is 150
  • 6 months after 1 year fees is a 50 rupees and fees 150
  • Engineer up to 50 fees is 50 rupees and copy fee is 150

Can I get duplicate certificate

If you want to get a duplicate marriage certificate that mean to you lost your nikahnama. Now you definitely need to obtain your nikahnama the best course of action is to contact a concerned authorities of Union council where it was registered and apply for the certified and attached copy.

Is offshore Pakistani get a certificate

Pakistanis living abroad can also easily get their marriage certificate issued. All they need to do online from NADRA is to shave their certificate by submitting their documents online from NADRA and they can get my certificate by post in any country. Certificates can also be obtained online. Nadra will send you your certificate online with a special number and you can print it through a printer.