Children are a great blessing. Maybe that’s why every man and woman likes to be a father and a mother after marriage. Children are said to be the greatest asset of parents and their wealth. And this is absolutely true because having children is something that supports parents in their old age in a way that neither Sara nor any society can give them. Today in the West, the love of children for their fathers and the good training of the children of their parents has come to an end. The first is that parents do not train their children well, freeing their minds mentally and socially so much that they rebel against their parents, and thus when the children are young, they turn to their old parents. Evict them from their homes.

In contrast, there is good love between children and parents in the East. That is why the desire for children is much greater in the East than in the West, especially in Muslim families. In the East, since parents do not have much wealth and cannot live on money, they desperately need children, so they get married as soon as possible and struggle to have children. Even so, if he does not have children, he is disappointed. He goes to all sorts of doctors, to semi-sages, he asks for various prayers. In this article we are going to explain to such people how they can have a baby naturally quickly.

Being Pregnant Naturally

  • If you want to have a baby, here are some ways in which a woman and a man must first have a good diet.
  • Men should eat strong foods and women should not eat hot foods
  • Men and women should not take stress when they are having sex together because they do not allow the difference between the other sperm and the other when they are having intercourse.
  • At the same time, use water as much as possible, it also maintains the metabolism
  • Fruit is a good food that should be eaten in this case
  • Abandon fast food. It is not good for the human body and can harm it even on the day of birth.
  • Once you have had intercourse and then feel that your pregnancy has stopped, then stop having intercourse. It can cause a miscarriage.

Pregnant With Medicine

  • In this case you must first consult a good doctor who can look at your current situation and give you medicine.
  • You should try to get pregnant first and if you feel it is not happening then you can have a checkup of yourself and your wife.
  • For this, both men and women are tested
  • The doctor understands better what test you need to do and what medicine you will need to see
  • The doctor will then prescribe you a medicine and even after receiving it you have a good chance of having a baby.