Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone and uses it for various purposes. The first and foremost function of a mobile phone is to communicate with each other. Today different companies are doing different things to establish this connection. There are various companies in Pakistan for whitewashing on the internet, including Jazz, Ufone, Telenor Warid and Zong. All these companies not only wait for us but also offer us various means of sending SMS and multimedia. Today we are going to give you some instructions regarding a legitimate company. As you know, everyone uses a smartphone, but there are those who do not know how to use it simply. In order to communicate with someone, it is important that we first have some money that can be used to communicate with someone. So sometimes it happens that when a person runs out of balance, he needs to transfer it before someone else. But he doesn’t know how to share that balance.

Today we are going to tell you in our simplicity how you can share your balance with your Jazz SIM on other network or legitimate network. If you want to know more about me, please read this article carefully.

How can I purchase jazz Sim:

Getting sim is not a difficult task, you have to go to the franchise for it. You can go to franchise and do purchase a sim who you want, you just have to do the verification. They will scan with you and register the SIM on your ID card. If you would like a home number, you can also check out the Jazz numbers from our website. We provide you with a Golden Silver Jubilee Number of different types and prices. We will provide you with the numbers as well as their rates.

How can I change my current package:

The best way to change the package is to download the jazz world app and change your existing package there. There are all the packages of the legitimate board will be shown. You can deduct your balance by clicking on one of them and activate it.

Can I download jazz world application:

If you want to download jazz world app, visit our website and you will find it in different types of applications. You can scroll through the application page on our website and click on the Jazz World application. Yes, but it will be free download in your mobile. After downloading the application, you have to register your number in it and the PIN code will come on your mobile.

How can I transfer balance from jazz to jazz:

If you want to change your balance from jazz to jazz then follow the simple step who written below:

  • First open your keypad on your mobile phone
  • After it dial*100*03xxxxxxxxx#amount#and then click
  • Charges RS 77 + tax for transaction
  • Max limit 500 per transaction
  • Max amount transferred per day 500 rupees.