Ufone is a network provider company that has been providing services in Pakistan for many years. Today, the number of Ufone users in Pakistan is in the millions. Every other person has a Ufone SIM and takes full advantage of it. Ufone has become almost the second largest network in Pakistan. It offers you all kinds of different things. These packages include Off Net Minutes On Net Minutes، Internet mb,s، SMS Package etc. They can tell each other the truth correctly without any difficulty or hassle. It’s just that they provide services to companies like Ufone. There are many people who put SIMs in their mobile phones but they do not know how to use them regularly. Some people do not know how to package or how much to balance in water and especially how they can share the balance with their SIM. Today we have brought for you the solution to your problems. We are going to tell you how much you can use one type for different decisions. If any of your friends or yourself ever need a balance, you can share it with your SIM. can. If you want to get all this information, find it somewhere and read our whole tomorrow.

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How can I bought ufone Sim:

If you want to buy a Ufone SIM, you have to go to the Ufone franchise. You will also find different types of Ufone numbers on our website. If you also want to get the number you want, you can get it through our website. There will be different numbers on our website including some golden numbers, some jubilee numbers, some people numbers and some normal and cheap numbers. Their rates are also written with numbers. If you like a number or select it, you can visit our website. You can also get it from the franchise. Most of the time, the Ufone company has set up Sales man in different places from where you can easily buy. In short, it is very easy to buy a ufone sim.

How can I balance from your phone to other network:

The best solution for transferring balances from Ufone to another network is to download the phone application you want. After downloading this application you register your number in it. When you get your number, the election will show you all the Tariq packages that will be available and will be applied. You can transfer your balance to anyone through this application. One day before transferring you have to accept what you have given.

How can I share balance from ufone to  ufone:

Follows some simple steps to want to share ufone to ufone balance;

  • First open your dial box to proceed is this step
  • Then dial*828#0333xxxxxxx*100#then click on your mobile phone
  • No we give you an example if you want to share 500 rupees it to ufone to ufone then follow the step similarly. *828*0333xxxxxxxxx*500# then press to share your balance
  • You can also share your balance is your phone to you phone by using your phone application.