WordPress is about creating a website where you can easily do your blogging. In our world, internet has become a mobile business where there are different platforms and their farms can earn good profit by serving you. There are also websites that write articles and topics on their for-profit websites. They have an application called WordPress that you can use to easily create an article and send it to your website or another company. Word is actually a special software in which you can do your best training, give the best layout of your article and create the best headings in it so that it looks attractive to the readers. There are many ways to use WordPress, one of which is to create your own custom page. As we know, there are still many people in the world who want to do freelancing after reading and writing. Blogging them in freelancing has also become a sensible thing but not everyone knew how to blog using WordPress standby. There are many different ways to use WordPress, but today we are going to tell you all about how you can easily create your own custom page within WordPress.

What is custom page:

Basically a custom page who starts off as literally a blank Page. the interface to edit a custom page is very similar to the website designing interfaces. How custom page have values columns, in which having one column, two columns, three columns and also appearing in variation you choose. You can create custom page different ways through internet software for applications.

How to create a custom page in WordPress:

In WordPress, the best idea for my article is to improve its theme. Sometimes we have to spend a single theme on our website but there are also different websites that cover different pages and different designs. If you are building your own website where WordPress is built then of course you should also come up with your own custom pad. Creating a great custom page means that your website layout will be great so that it will be effective for its readers. Today we are going to give you instructions in your WordPress layout on how you can build a theme in your WordPress. Below are the different steps.

  • If you want to change your theme folder or page on your WordPress you must follow these techniques
  • First open your current theme folder and upload page without sidebar.php file there
  • Then go to wordpress admin panel>pages>add NEW
  • Here you can see the new custom page template. Is custom page template listed on the right side of your screen
  • So now create a new page and set its template to page without sidebar. Remember once you done it then you must be publish it
  • Save your settings. Your complete page without side bar.php file will look like that who you changed.

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